Saturday, January 19, 2013

Show Time!

A girl always need to have at least one bling-y item in their wardrobe for the office Christmas party, anniversary dinner, or as was the case for me, an invite to dinner at a ritzy golf club.    Am I right?

Sometimes the simplest garments can be the most rewarding - and flattering.  The story behind this simple drape top starts with the fabric- of course.  I found the fabric in a small local fabric store, it was less than $10 a yard and like nothing I would normally buy.  Honestly the price attracted me to take a risk and buy a yard to make something fun.  I was actually laughing to myself as I walked out the door with this fabric in my bag!

This fabric had been in my stash for about six months when an invitation came up for a special family dinner in Carmel, CA, where Clint Eastwood lives and was once Mayor.  I'm not much of a dress girl, but I wanted to add some elegance to the evening - this seemed to be the perfect venue to bring out my rhinestone-studded, sparkly knit fabric.  It's some kind of polyester, which washed easily but left a trail of sparkles behind in the dryer and the floor of our laundry area; which my husband pointed out to me on several occasions. The fabric was easy to work with.  I used my serger and coverstich machine to put this top together.  This is pattern New Look 6470. I just love these simple, feminine, and flattering tops!  Note: I would recommend considering sizing down.  My measurements would indicate a size 12;  and I did have to alter it a bit after trying it on.

I wore this top to the dinner with a nice pair of black slacks and I felt very comfortable.  For me, it was the right mix of comfort with a dash of sparkle to suggest something special.  My husband loved it and kept showing it off to our families.

This pattern has been reviewed several times on Pattern Review.  I'm excited to try view C & D for fun summer tops!


  1. Hi Carrie, pretty top! Great fabric choice.

  2. Nice top Carrie. Use to spend a lot of time is the Carmel area when I live in SF. Best to you.